Northwest Ohio YMCA Swim League

League Roster - updated Oct 2014

League Email List - updated Oct 2014


NEW Sanction Championship Meet - Declaration form.

Must be submitted with your 2015 Championship Meet Entry.


NW Ohio Swim League Rules / Guidelines - revised 9/2013


Qualifying Times:

   2015 Great Lakes YMCA Zone Qualifying Times

   2015 YMCA National Championship Qualifying Times


Official Trainings



Sprint Meet at Putnam County YMCA - Nov. 1, 2014

Meet Information    Event File - updated






Updated Rules that Govern Competitive Sports

    effective Sept 1, 2012


Order of events (now includes all the time trial events.)

League Dual Meet Score Sheets (now includes 11-12 500's)








Important Links and Documents can be found here...




League Forms:

 YMCA of the USA Documents:

Team Roster Form

 Rules that Govern Competitive Sports

Coach Certification Form

 Technical Assistance Paper for YMCA Swim Teams

Competitive Agreement Form

 YMCA BLACK BOOK for competitive swimming

Dual Meet Order of Events

 General Competitive Swimming Information

League Dual Score Sheets


League Tri-meet Score Sheets



Effective September 1, 2006: 

All YMCA Swim meets will be using USA Swimming Technical Rules.

Please read The USAS Rules Adoption Guide for more information.

Here is a copy of the USA Swimming Technical Rules.

More information is available at:       ,






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